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Whistler in the Winter

Whistler, BC is one of our favorite places to visit during the summer. We have been taking our little family there for a few nights every August. Last year for the Family Day long weekend we went up. It was our first time going during the winter season. We only went for a night or 2 and took the kids to the tube park as our main family event. They were 3 and 6 at the time. We were debating on whether or not to enroll them in ski school but decided against it due to our own fears.

This year Amyeen had a conference up in Whistler for the Family Day long weekend so we decided to go up after school on Valentine’s Day and stay until Monday. We enrolled both kids in ski school for 3 full days (9am-3pm) and we were so glad we did. They both loved learning to ski and didn’t want to come off the slopes at the end of each day. Our son, Kamran even went on some blue runs and we couldn’t be prouder of both of them.

Amyeen and I skiied 2 of the days after taking almost 8 years off! It was just like riding a bike. We were sore by lunch time but it was so much fun. On our third day we walked the snowshoe trail around Lost Lake while the kids were at ‘school’ and it was so beautiful to see the lake in the winter. Our little hike was quite the workout and we just went in our snowboots. People were cross country skiing that trail as well...maybe one day we will try that too.

We stayed at the Fairmont this year and they had so many on going activities during the weekend catered to families. The kids had so much fun during the evenings checking out the games room and the bouncy castle room. Both were ballrooms set up to accommodate children of all ages. They even provided juice, water, soft drinks and fruit! A movie room was also set up but we didn’t have a chance to check that out. So much to do and so little time!

The kids and I are already looking forward to our next ski trip and now I think we will check out some of the local mountains and have them take lessons in the future.

Happy Family Day,


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