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The most fluffiest waffles I ever did eat!

In our family Sunday’s call for brunch. Mimosas, Caesars, eggs bennys...I love it all and the kids get so excited to go out for a yummy breakfast. We usually head to the restaurant at a golf course very close to our place.

Today we have plans to go out for dinner with my brother and his family so I knew I didn’t want to take everyone out to eat twice in one day so my son requested homemade waffles.

A few years ago I was given a waffle maker as a gift for my birthday and honestly it just sat in the cupboard for a year or so. I was actually scared to use it for some reason. How silly is that! I finally took it out one day and went on Pinterest searching for ‘easy waffle recipes’.

I found one that looked simple enough and will share it below. I have shared this with my family and friends and they all love it too!

The recipe is super easy to follow and I always have these ingredients in the house. It makes approx 6-8 waffles for me and any waffles that we have left over I place them in a ziplock bag and refridgerate. You can also freeze the waffles and then pop them into the toaster. We have done that many times also. Sometimes we add blueberries or chocolate chips directly into the batter and they turn out perfectly. Don’t forget to spray the waffle iron with cooking spray before each waffle pour. I find that even though the appliance says non stick it is better to just give it a quick little spray to avoid any disappointment.

I can’t find the exact waffle iron we have at home but there are so many nice and inexpensice ones online. I attached a picture of on I just found on The one we have makes 2 at a time which I love!


-Sophia Original Recipe source

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