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Spicing Up Mom’s Hot Cocoa

Good Morning sweet friends,

A week or so ago, I was browsing favorite pass time and I came across the cutest little marshmellow snowman.

I knew when I saw it on the Four Seasons Whistler IG page that I just HAD to recreate this at home.

I am so glad I still had some candy corn left over from Halloween. The rest of the items were in my kitchen/pantry and I was able to quickly whip this up.

When the kids got home from school they saw my little diy treat and wanted to make one themselves. They had so much fun doing it.

Let me know if you make one of these little guys this holiday season.

Lots of love,



-large marshmellows

-pretzel sticks

-candy corn (or orange icing)


-food pen (or black icing)

Feed through each marshmellow. You could also attach them together with icing if you did not want to use a tooth pick.

I broke 1 pretzel stick in half for the arms and pushed them into the sides of the marshmellow. I used 2 full sticks for the legs.

Use some icing to attach the nose. Use a food pen to draw on the eyes, smirk & buttons.

Get a cute mug, warm up some hot cocoa (add some

Bailey’s if it has been a day) and place your snowman in or on top of the mug. Don’t forget to take a pic for the gram!

Settle on the couch and turn on that Hallmark Christmas Movie .

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