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Good evening sweet readers,

I wanted to come on here and share some exciting news with you all. I have been nominated for Vancouver Mom Top 30 this year. This is a website and IG page that I have been following and reading for a few years. is a great resource for local families to turn to and find things to do within the Lower Mainland. Their site always updates its readers on events that are happening and also features moms in the city that are doing things of interest.

Every year they open up their site to nominations and feature Mom Bloggers within Vancouver & surrounding areas. I am so honoured and blessed to have my new blog nominated. I have put a lot of love into my side hustle on IG over the past year and even though my blog is only a few months old it feels so good to be recognized amongst so many other hard working and passionate mothers.

This week their site is introducing its readers to all the nominees and next week is when voting takes place. I feel like everyone is a winner already just for being recognized and I cannot wait to meet all the beautiful ladies in person and the event at the end of next month.

I will keep you updated with a link on when and how to vote. Until then, you can check out all the bios of the nominees this week and their amazing and resourceful website.



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