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Family Fun at Cultus

Yesterday as most of you may have saw in my stories on Instagram the fam and I were invited by @vancouver_mom & @cultuslakewaterpark to enjoy a day out on the waterslides! They are celebrating their 35th year of being open.

We loaded the kids up and from our place on the border of Coquitlam & Burnaby it took us approximately 50 minutes to get to the waterslides.

We had come back late the night before from our trip to Toronto and I wasn’t even sure if the kids would be up for another adventure but boy was I wrong. They are kids after all and apparently don’t get jetlag...(wait til the end of the day pics)

We were greeted by the park owner and given a brief history of the waterslides which is a family run business and approx 5 years ago they bought the land across the street which was a mini golf spot and turned it into a beautiful and fun Amusement Park with 18 rides.

The day was cold and my minis don’t do well in cold water so we toured the water park, grabbed lunch-hot dogs, burgers, fries, slushies...what more could we ask for. We were stuffed!!!

At noon the Adventure park opens up (both parks are open rain or shine). We walked over and omg did we have so much fun! My kids are 5 & 7. Ava is approx. 42” and Kamran met the height requirement to go on all rides. Although some were too scary for our blood. Thrill will not be disappointed. There are 18 rides to enjoy and there were little to no lines!

We wrapped up our day by having a sweet treat and then got back into the car and headed home. 5 minutes into the car ride the kids were both asleep!

I also stopped at a local farm and picked up some fresh cherries in Chilliwack! BONUS!

With admission to the water park every person receives a voucher to come back on a weekday for only $15! We will be coming back this summer for sure! The kids cannot wait to check out all the amazing slides!

Thank you @vancouver_mom & @cultuslakewaterslides for the amazing adventure & gifted experience.

xoxo Sophia

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